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What To Look For When Comparing Quotes for New Timber Windows

Posted: 10 April 2024

Buying new timber windows for your home is a significant investment. Making the correct choice ensures your family can live comfortably and your home looks appealing. It will also affect your heating and cooling costs and carbon footprint. Homes with high-quality, attractive, and thermally efficient windows are a valuable selling point if you ever decide to put your home on the market. Comparing window quotes is an essential stage in the buying process, but it can take more work than it seems.

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Your Guide to Fenestration

Posted: 02 April 2024

Fenestration is the science of arranging openings in a building. It is a discipline that is older and more complex than it might seem. Here, we will delve into the world of fenestration, from the derivation of the word to its application across the years and in modern-day architecture and construction. 

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Lomax + Wood have introduced Smarts Aluminium Heritage products

Posted: 01 April 2024

Lomax + Wood have introduced Smarts Aluminium Heritage products to our range, we can guarantee excellent thermal performance with integrated polyamide thermal break technology, resistance to coastal environments with all components having passed marine tests and endless possibility in terms of profiles and designs. Smart systems have become the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminium systems, with an abundance of profile options that can be extruded to meet your specific needs.

The heightened performance of this product is compact into slim sightlines, perfect for projects directly replacing steel windows such as Crittall, and for projects where maximising visible glass areas is paramount to allowing natural light to flood the property.

The thermal conductivity of polyamide is 160 times better than steel, which is why Smart has utilised this material to significantly improve the performance of metal windows with its polyamide thermal break, while adhering to original aesthetics that were once used on Victorian and Art Deco projects where steel was originally used. This thermal performance optimisation of aluminium systems while remaining visually similar to steel is an attractive feature for Smart aluminium systems.

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