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Warranty Statement

It is Lomax + Wood Limited’s aim to give our client and ultimately the property owner, a high quality product that is tried and tested. This is achieved through using established designs alongside carefully selected materials to produce high performance products. We also do not believe in long clauses and small print but our product if maintained correctly will provide a sixty year desired life.

  • 30 Year guarantee on timber. The performance of timber is subject to the environment, structural detail and the maintenance of the surface coating. Traditional flush liners may crack until the timber has settled and require making good by others.
  • 10 Year guarantee on all insulating glass units 4mm/6mm annealed, toughened and 6.4 laminated. Special glass other than the normal units guarantee on application. All units are glazed to Glass and Glazing Federation recommendations unless specified differently in the Architects specification. Gurantee covers unit and replacement for first 5 years thereafter supply only of a replacement unit.
  • 8 Year paint warranty (5 year on stains). Paint is applied in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s conditions and their guarantee applies subject to the specification of the type and how many coats applied in the factory. Warranty in years for Painted and Stained colours.
  • 10 year – Weatherseals carry a standard 10 year warranty and is subject to normal wear and tear. Weatherseals damaged by paint / stains or abuse are not covered.
  • 10 year guarantee on Ironmongery depending upon type and finishes in the specification supplied at time of quotation. If you require this clarifying please ask at the order stage.
  • All of Lomax & Wood’s standard products have written guarantees from our suppliers. Please note unusual or non-standard ironmongery, or non-standard finishes are not covered by the warranty scheme.
  • Warranties start from the date of delivery and we draw your attention to our exclusions listed below.

Warranty Exclusions and Advice

  • The factory applied coating will be void where damage from impact, abrasion, and chemical causes damage to the surface coatings. Warrantee covers against blistering, cracking or flaking but excludes natural resin exudation and movement around knots. All surface treatments are subject to Lomax & Wood Limited home owners’ user guide & conditions of maintenance” information pack. The product is also subject to the site’s environmental conditions i.e. (Proximity to sea / lakes, rivers etc, coastal environment, chemical / pollution in the atmosphere, etc).
  • As result of poor maintenance or lack of maintenance to the coating. Any minor cracks or imperfection must be rectified immediately as per the “home owners user guide”.
  • Excess moisture ingress caused by poor building design or position of product. (Example swimming pools, constant contact with water / moisture, contact with water table, problems caused by leaking gutters etc)
  • Where contact with building materials that have chemical or acid base or any other chemicals used during the building processes (cement, plaster, brick acids etc).
  • As a result of damage from abrasive cleaners or excessive cleaning.
  • Where the product has been incorrectly stored or installed.
  • If the product that has been altered or changed in any way from the factory supplied products.
  • Where the following advice is not followed. Site work – Morticing of locks or any other ironmongery must not cut through joints in the door as this will impair performance of the joint, and may affect door stability. We do not recommend overhead door closers nor closers that require a large amount of timber to be removed. Doors must not be wedged or propped open against the force of the closer. When choosing door colours avoid dark shades as they absorb more heat, therefore, the door is more liable to twist. All statements in this paragraph will void your warrantee.
  • Damage caused during window cleaning, (ladders or industrial cleaning methods i.e. high pressure water wash) to glazing materials or any other finish / component.
  • Where damage is caused as a result of lightning, fire, flood, burglary or any other form of disaster.
  • Any repairs caused by any of the above points are not covered by this warrantee.
  • Any window and doors supplied with thin double glazed units (8mm cavity or less) have a reduced warranty of 5 years. If the glass unit fails within the first 2.5 years, Lomax & Wood Limited will replace the unit free of charge. If the unit fails after 2.5 years but within 5 year Lomax & Wood Limited’s obligation are limited to unit replacement only. Re-glazing cost not covered by Lomax & Wood Limited.
  • The warrantee is not effective until outstanding monies have been paid in full to Lomax & Wood Limited. If monies are still outstanding there are no third party rights.
  • Do not power wash or use a garden hose on your wooden windows and doors. This can lead to seal failure, allowing water to enter the frame which in turn can cause the wood to expand.
The timber frames quite literally absorb sound from entering the building and have tremendous acoustic qualities.


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