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Specialised Wooden Sash Window Company in London

At Lomax & Wood, we understand the importance and significance of period properties within London, keeping the design and heritage of the buildings consistent with all listed or period property requirements. Therefore, timber sash windows in London that need replacement must be constructed to the highest standards while maintaining the character of the buildings that they reside in. From the Edwardian townhouses of Mayfair, still occupied by the well-to-do, to the Victorian terraces of Kilburn, almost all converted into flats, the common factor is London sash windows.

Sash Windows London – Why are They Everywhere?

The above two examples are just drops in the ocean. Visit any part of London, and while there are areas that were demolished in the blitz or that have been regenerated around the turn of the millennium with new construction, these are islands in a sea of residential architecture built in the Victorian period. Many of those closest to the city are older and date back to Georgian times. Put simply, these houses were built to last, and many will still be standing another 100 years from now. Sash windows were the windows of choice during that period. They would be found in everything from aristocratic townhouses to humble terraces.

Different Types of Timber Sash Windows in London

Sash windows in London, and indeed elsewhere, come in two types. Sliding sash windows do as the name suggests, the lower sash sliding manually to open. A timber box sash window incorporates a mechanism with pulleys, counterweights and a cord that you pull to lift the window. Both types are still common in London. Box sash windows in London tend to be used for larger windows, while smaller and lighter ones use a sliding mechanism.

The other variation you find with the different traditional sash windows London is famous for relates to which panels can be opened. In a single-hung sash window, the top panel is fixed in place, and the bottom can be opened by sliding or with a box sash mechanism. A double-hung sash is one where both panels can be moved.

Some buildings with large windows even have triple or quadruple sashes. These are often seen in former commercial and public buildings like factories, hospitals and schools that have been converted into luxury apartments.

Experts in Sash Windows Throughout Greater London

Our expertise in the field of wooden sash windows extends to over 60 years, using premium engineered, knot-free timber. The Lomax + Wood FSC® Chain of Custody ensures the product is FSC® from source through to installation if Lomax + Wood site fitting is specified, which is within the scope of our certification. The FSC® Forest Stewardship Council® believes in 'Forests For All Forever®'; this mantra not only covers the timber itself but those people who live and work in the world's forests, alongside the preservation of flora and fauna. To ensure your timber is from a sustainable source, ensure your timber sash window supplier has full FSC® Chain of Custody.

Finding a specialist within the field of traditional double-glazed sash windows in conservation areas within London who is experienced in the designs of Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian homes is problematic. We ensure that all our bespoke sash window designs adhere to the standards and requirements that are needed within each conservation area throughout Greater London.

Wooden Sliding Sash Windows We Provide

Sustainable and Durable Sash Windows From Engineered Timber

A 60-year warranty covers our wooden windows if maintained as per our manufacturing guidelines and incorporated within the correct architectural detail. Although it can be argued, they will last indefinitely if maintained, as seen with the many existing period sash windows in London today (which only need replacing to bring them up to today’s thermal and acoustic requirements). To find further details about our warranty guide, click here. All our sash windows fitted in London are designed to meet thermal, acoustic and Pas24 standards for security.

Thermally Efficient Double-Glazed & Triple Glazed Glass

In conjunction with our custom-designed sash windows, we firmly believe that the glass that will provide the light to your homes will need to be of the highest standards.

The glass supplied will vary to meet the customer’s requirements but will as standard exceed the requirements of the current building regulations. A standard unit is constructed 4/16/4 tough/tough, softcoat lowe, swiss warm edge spacer with a centre pane U-value of 1.1.

Sash Window Projects in London

Lomax + Wood engineered and installed timber sash windows, in several prestigious locations throughout London.

Replacement Box Sash Windows London

It’s fair to say that old and worn-out sash windows are not ideally suited in the 21st century, despite being a favourite architectural feature. They have a reputation for letting in draughts, being awkward to open or close, getting their mechanisms jammed in the case of box sash windows and generally being problematic.


The simple reason for all these problems is that most sash windows have been in place for over 50 years. In some cases, they have been there a lot longer. When you think about the technology of the time, it is unsurprising that the single-glazed panes let in draughts, and it’s something of a miracle if the pully mechanisms still work at all.


The good news is that Lomax + Wood sash window company London can replace double-glazed sash windows in London and the UK. By blending modern mechanisms with traditional style and sustainable timber, you will discover just how user-friendly and energy efficient a sash window can be when its mechanism is new and is not encumbered by a century’s deposits of dust and grime.


Like for Like – Except Better Sash Windows in London


Even when they were new, however many generations ago it might have been, the timber sash windows London properties typically boast today were flawed by 21st-century standards. The sliding and box sash windows you can buy today are double-glazed, properly lockable and just as easy to live with as casement windows.


Still not convinced? Keep in mind that we are almost always talking about period properties when it comes to wood sash windows in London. Many are subject to planning regulations that limit you to replacing windows with like-for-like. 

Lomax + Wood will take full responsibility for your project, from surveying on-site to producing drawings and installing. With each step, we are on hand to provide expertise and advice to ensure your bespoke timber sash windows and other products meet your requirements. We are a CPA (Consumer Protection Association) approved company. CPA approved companies undergo a rigorous selection process to help remove the stress of finding a reliable company. In addition, the scheme protects your deposit and a 10-year guarantee in conjunction with the extensive Lomax + Wood Warranty. Call our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Common Questions For Sash Windows in London

Are sash windows easy to break into?

Much as we love our capital, there’s no getting around the fact that crime levels are higher than average in the city. The modern sash windows installed by Lomax + Wood are highly secure. Just like older cars, older windows are easier for housebreakers to penetrate than new ones. However, even old wood sash windows in London can be made burglar-proof to a high degree if you take a few basic precautions, such as fitting sash window locks and stops.

When did they stop using sash windows?

The popularity of sash windows dwindled in the early 20th century as wooden casement windows came to the fore. By the 1950s, sash windows had fallen out of fashion entirely.

Can I replace sliding sash windows in London with casement windows?

The short answer is “perhaps.” Many period properties in London are protected and subject to strict regulations. Often, these will stipulate that you can only replace rotten sash windows with replacements of the same style and configuration. Even if there are no such limitations, be aware that changing the windows to a different type could harm the value of your property.

How long should sash windows last?

Sash windows tend to last a long time, often many decades. However, to enjoy years of trouble-free service, you should ensure they are kept clean, and mechanisms like pullies are maintained and lubricated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can I get double-glazed sash windows?

Yes, double-glazed sash windows are available. Some of these have genuine muntins (glazing bars), while more commonly, the widow consists of one double-glazed pane with the mutins applied to the surface of the glass. This brings all the thermal and acoustic benefits of double glazing while maintaining the traditional appearance of multiple small panes.

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